Dr. Sagarika Mohanty

Notice Board


The Election to the Cultural Association and category of Office bearers will be held in such manner as decided by the Principal from time to time. The decision of the Principal is final and binding on all concerned.
The Dramatic Society : 
1.        There is a Dramatic Society for the College called. The Emarti Devi Women’s College Dramatic Society.
2.        All the Students of the College shall be members of the Society.
3.        Every student of the College shall pay to the Society’s account in the College office a subscription as decided             by the College authorities.
4.        The principal of the College shall be the Ex-Officio president of the Dramatic Society.
5.        The affairs of the Society shall be Managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following Members.
(a)      President - Principal (Ex-Officio)
(b)      Vice-President - One of the Members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principal.
(c)      Two or more Members of the college staff are nominated by the President as Members of the Dramatic Society.
(d)      A Secretary and an Asst. Secretary to be elected by all the students of the college from among themselves.
(e)      Election of the Executive Committee shall be held every year on a date to be fixed by the Principal.
(f)      After the Elections are over, there shall be a meeting of all the Members of the Dramatic Society. In the meeting the accounts of the previous year shall be received from the out going Secretary and the newly elected office bearers shall assume office.
(g)      The Executive Committee shall perform the following duties.
(i)       Prepare budget for the year.
(ii)      To recommend to the President the name of the play to be staged and the date of Dramatic performance.
(iii)     Have the expenditure in connection with the Drama audited within fifteen working days after the staging of the Drama.
(iv)     To sanction expenditure out of the reserve fund for purchase of property or for the up keep repairs or replacement of articles already purchased for the Dramatic society.
(h)      To meet from time to time and to decide all other matter connected with the Society. 
(i)       Neither the Secretary nor the Assistant Secretary shall ordinarily be given an active part in the Drama to be staged. One of the two shall keep the minutes of the Society and the other shall be in charge of the accounts either or both of them removed from office. If they fail to discharge their duties properly (i) by the Principal or (ii) by a vote of no confidence passed by not less than two thirds of the Student. Members of the committee of Management that is not less than five Members in a meeting or the committee specially called for the purpose and ratified by a meeting of the general body of members selected for the purpose.
(j)       Five members shall constitute the quorum for an ordinary meeting of the Committee or Management.
(k)      The Principal reserves the right to alter / amend all the rules mentioned above. If a members wants to alter or amend any of the rules the alteration or amendment must be passed by 3/4th majority of the Members of the Executive Committee in a meeting specially called for the purpose.
(l)       Such alteration or amendment is subject to the approval of the Principal.
(m)     The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Society.

The Athletic Society : 
(a)      There is an Athletic Society for conducting the Games and Sports of the College. The Society consists of all the Members of the staff and Students.
(b)      The Executive Committee of the Society consists of 
(i)       The Principal as the Ex-Officio President.
(ii)      A member of the teaching staff to act as a Vice - President nominated by the Principal.
(iii)     The P.E.T.
(iv)     Two or more Members of staff as members.
(v)      Two students to be elected by the Students as the Secretary and Assistant Secretary.


Election Rules : 
(a)      The Secretary, the Asst. Secretary shall be elected at the beginning of each session in the manner as may be determined by the Principal.
(b)      The secretary and the Assistant Secretary shall be elected by all the students.
(c)      The Secretary and the Asst. Secretary shall not be eligible for election as the captains or the Vice-Captains for any game.
(d)      The Athletic Society will elect Representatives Captains, Vice-Captains or Secretary in case there are vacancies owing to one or more of them leaving the college during a session. 
(e)      The tenure of Office of all the elected representatives shall be for one session only.

Work of the Society : 
(a)      To consider the budget prepared by a sub-committee consisting of the Vice-President, the members of the staff in charge of different games. P.E.T. Secretary can the Captain. The Vice-President of the previous year may be invited to attend the meeting.
(b)      She will appoint subcommittee every year of each of the games.

Work of Secretary : 
(a)      She will be the Government of all the General and Subcommittee Meetings.
(b)      She will prepare the annual report.
(c)      She will conduct all correspondence assigned to him by the Vice-President.
(d)      She will organize the College Game with the assistance of  the Captains and Vice-Captains.