Dr. Sagarika Mohanty

Notice Board

Social Services

The Youth Red Cross Unit has been introduced from the session 1989-90 in the Emarti Devi Women’s College, Cuttack. The Y.R.C. College Working Committee has been formed according to the direction of “Indian Red Cross Society” (Orissa State Branch) and the D.P.I. (H.E.) Orissa. The College Working Committee comprise of the following member.

Chairman     :         The Principal
Secretary    :         One of the Lecturers in the College Counsellor to Youth Red Cross.
Member       :         Two of the Lecturers of the College.
Student Member    :       Any two students Volunteer.

A group of 30 Volunteers of the Y.R.C. has been formed Y.R.C. Unit in the College. Students entitled to enroll themselves as active volunteers every year in the beginning of the session interested Students may apply in the prescribed from to the Counsellor.

Principle and Objectives : 
The Youth Red Cross shall function on the Fundamental Principles (or the Inter National Red Cross movement) which are as follows :
1.         Humanity 
2.         Impartiality
3.         Neutrality
4.         Independence 
5.         Voluntary Service
6.         Unity
7.         Universality “To serve”

Objectives : 
The objectives of Youth Red Cross (Orissa) shall be to train the “Zealous” Youth to fundamental Principles of the Red Cross, so that they may remain “imperturbable, on wearing, unfettering and develop in them the elements or” quiet self sacrifice” when disasters strike humanity. Keeping this in view the Y.R.C. shall endeavor as follows, for :
(a)      Promotion of potentates of the Youth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service toned up by a sense of self - sacrifice, for the mitigation of suffering of needy and the distressed;
(b)      Promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation and cognate subjects among the members of the community for prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering.
(c)      Promotion of motivations among the Youth for fostering friendship and fraternity (the spirit of “brotherhood” at the national and international level.
(d)      Promotion of qualities of leadership and traits of personality among the Youth.
(e)      Promotion of the spirit of self-reliance and dignity of labour among the Youth.
(f)       Promotion of training in various skills to render qualified service to the needy.
(g)      Promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of peace at the national and Inter-National level.

1.       There is a single Women’s N.S.S. Unit having 50 Students volunteers.
2.       Programme Officers - One Lecturer in-charge of the Unit.
3.       One Advisory committee - Principal, any three member of the teaching staff, Secretary of selected adopted slum.


Activities : 
1.       Social service and work experience.
2.       General education through planning forum and seminar.
3.        Literacy drive and social education.
4.        Campus work projects.
5.        Rover  training Red cross activities and community living campus.

Enrolment : 
Any student of any class voluntarily coming forward may be enrolled.

Selection : 
An intending participant shall apply in the prescribed form and will be selected on.
(a)        Past experience.
(b)        Extra curricular activities and
(c)        Through observation.


Time : 
The students will undertake the project assigned to them during Sunday and no other days without disturbing normal study.
N.B.     :      Other information’s regarding N.S.S. can be had from the N.S.S. Programme Officer.

Social Service Guide : 
The objective of the Social Service Guide is to grant monetary help to needy and the deserving Students of the College and to from a voluntary corps in the city at the time of floods and other natural calamities for relief work. Each student of the College contributes a certain amount of money towards the fund. The Principal is the Ex-Officio president and controller of the Guide Fund, there is an Executive Committee consisting of the President a lecturer in charge of the S.S.G. one or more members of staff a Secretary an Assisted Secretary one representative of each section of each Class of College.

Scouts and Guides : 
The ranger team of Emarti Devi Women’s College was registered under “:Orissa State Bharat Scouts and Guides” from the session 1.6.1999. It consists 24 rangers (students) only. The managing committee of this team includes the following members.
1.         President - Principal
2.         Vice-President - Vice - Principal
3.         Ranger Leader - A Lecturer
4.         Asst. Ranger Leader - A Lecturer
5.         Senior Ranger Mate- A student
6.         Second Ranger mate - A student
7.         Outside :           (i)         State level Officer
(ii)         Doctor / Journalist
(iii)        One old Scouts / Guide Students
(iv)        One old Scouts parents

Aims and Objectives of Guide : 
1.       The purpose of this movement is to contribute to the development of the young people in achieving their full i.e. Physical, Intellectual, social and Spiritual, potentialities as a member of the international community. 
2.      The young should be trained to develop their character, through happy citizenship, through natural means rather than artificial means.
3.      To train them to get themselves prepared for public service and to learn useful crafts for themselves.
4.      To Develop physical and mental power of the individuals through wholesome social activities and contact.

Guide law : 
1.       A Guide is trust worthy.
2.       A Guide is loyal.
3.       A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
4.       A Guide is courteous.
5.       A Guide is a friend to animal and loves nature.
6.       A Guide is disciplined and helps protect public property.
7.       A Guide is courageous.
8.       A Guide is thrifty.
9.       A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.